First Name :   Noah Shalabi
Comment :   this is swagtastic chief sirmanne i hope you see this

First Name :   Alondra Cortez
Comment :   Hi Mr.Sirimanne

First Name :   Maria Bribiesca
Comment :   Mr. Sirimanne, with ur jokes, u make Algebra 2 fun & bearable :-)

First Name :   Isabelle Zapata
Comment :   HEY! I have to say, your class is definitely the most fun math class I have ever taken. from six foot churros to light switch battles to flooding the matterhorn to stalker smerfs...... my goodness, whats next? see you in class, sirimanne! -Isabelle Zap

First Name :   Steve
Comment :   Very nice. Please keep updating the site as much as you can!

First Name :   LUI

First Name :   justine
Comment :   Sirimanne Rocks!!!

First Name :   Kelly
Comment :   Sirimanne Rocks! Anyone that twitters is kool[: although he likes the nuggets..ill let it slide since hes a good teacher!

First Name :   Brett
Comment :   Youre not my math teacher, but I heard you were awesome.

First Name :   devin
Comment :   ummm yeah i saw this kid running around with a cape on and sunglasses i was told he was superdedupper and i was wondering if i can get those picture so i can contact him to fight some crime for me -devin

First Name :   Mike Hall
Comment :   yo what up?!

First Name :   Anonymous
Comment :   I love your site. My son uses it all the time!

First Name :   Brett
Comment :   I am Andrea Ringlers dad and really enjoyed your presentation for BTSN...thank you so much for your energy and dedication... Brett Ringler

First Name :   Maximillian
Comment :   Mr. Sirimanne is the coolest.

First Name :   Brin
Comment :   Hello, nice site :)

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