subject :   Books
your name :   Trina
your country :   U.S.A
date :   26 March 2011
your text :   I Love The way you express yourself!

subject :   
your name :   Keita Turner
your country :   USA
date :   08-28-10
your text :   Hello Diane, I enjoyed visiting your website and learning a bit more about you! Thank you.

subject :   Hi Diane!
your name :   Cheryl Wills
your country :   USA - BABY!
date :   August 1 2010
your text :   Diane, you have an impressive resume and body of work. Im honored to know a writer/editor with your credentials. Keep up the great work. xoxoxo

subject :   Hi DP!
your name :   Susan Bange-Avram
your country :   USA
date :   4/21/10
your text :   Hi DP! Its Suzy here....I just read your article Boss From Heaven and absolutely loved it. It made me laugh (and cry a little too!).... I really miss you, Gary and Fred. We had the best times together. I am sooooo proud of you D and all that you have acco

subject :   Your website
your name :   Janell Walden Agyeman
your country :   U.S.A.
date :   2/17/10
your text :   I truly enjoyed reading your stories and learning more about you and your services. What a lovely approach!

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