First Name :   Joe
email address :
Comment :   The trip was great the food was great put it this way it was great.
First Name :   savannah rae
email address :
Comment :   i cant wait til i come back,& i will git a big one.i can tell you one thing,i am gona get a bigger one than chase(no offense.)well,it is a great trip!you gota go!
First Name :   savannah rae easter
email address :
Comment :   i had a great time coming down to georgia to have the experiance hunting with anthony.the first time we went out,we saw a huge pig & i couldnt get the shot.i hope to get him next time i come!
First Name :   roger
email address :   RSROWDY@BRIGHT.NET
Comment :   back from the second trip at backwaterboars it was outstanding, thanks toney, wes, and bill, this hunt is A 5 STAR HUNT, WE WILL BE BACK
First Name :   jeff
email address :
Comment :   Anthony must be one heck of a guy to do what he does, and have to put up with darrell wade from elon n.c.
First Name :   Dean Johnson
email address :
Comment :   I hunted with Anthony in April 06 and April 07, and hopefully in 08. If you want a REAL hog hunt he is the guy to go with.
First Name :   Tom(Tiny Tim)
email address :
Comment :   What a blast!! Even though I took some ribbing regarding height, I think I am still taller than Anthony, not tougher, but taller. Whether Chef Bill is wanted or not, he is a great cook and snake killer. Anthony, Wes and Bill, Thanks for the great time.
First Name :   Bronson
email address :
Comment :   The guys, Tiny Tim and I had a great time with Anothy, Wes, and Iron Chef Bill. Great hunting! Great people! You wont be disappointed!
First Name :   Roger Trent
email address :
Comment :   Anthony,Brent,and Dane made you feel like family. I wont kill a hawg unless it is with a knife and a dawg. Awesome hunt, great people. My Jan 07 hunt was the best hunting experinece ever. I wish Frog needed some part time help. Plan on seeing a lot of me
First Name :   terry lemley
email address :
Comment :   One of the best hunts i have been on. If you are in good shape I recomend the dog hunt we all had a blast and will be booking more hunts. When we got home and told our friends about the hunt thay are booking hunts too. I would like to thank anthony and br
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